Staying true to our motto “Financial Matters Made Easy”, we searched and read almost all articles out there about Budget 2019 in order to summarize them for all of you who’s been supporting us since inception. After hours and hours of researching here’s what we found that’s the easiest to understand, an infographic by imoney and highlights by theStar (for those who prefer to read :P). We’ll be attaching 2 pdfs’ too, if you feel like reading offline – a snapshot from KPMG and the budget speech from Bank Negara Malaysia.

We’ll be covering 4 parts of the budget that we feel is the most concerning for most Malaysians. So let’s cut the story short and get right to it.

The one that really hits the home run, is probably the petrol subsidy for cars 1500cc and below. You can now go buy a new face lifted Mercedes C class and get subsidy on petrol.  Here’s a coverage on the all new Mercedes C Class by Paul Tan.


For those who do not want to get stuck in jam and prefer public transport, should now get into a frenzy joy mode because there’s unlimited pass and increase of feeders.



We personally love this the most as education is the most important part of our life. Making education more accessible means a smarter and more progressive nation. Better decision making comes from proper education.


Now we can save more on our taxes cause EPF & Life Insurance claim is finally separated. We can now save up to RM 7000 which is RM 1000 more! There’s also an initiative to help Malaysians to stay healthier as there’s a duty on sugar sweetened beverages. Bear in mind Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes in Asia and you can read all about it at theStar. However property flippers won’t be too happy with this budget as there’s now a 5% tax after RPGT, then again its for the betterment of the country.




Crowdfunding has been around for over a decade now and its interesting to see how it evolves. Today we can crowdfund to buy a property!! WOW!!


The above are just some of the infographics by imoney, you can check out their full post here. If you don’t really like pictures, here’s a link to theStar where it’s written down.

As promised here’s the 2 pdfs’ for your offline reading pleasure.

Budget Speech From BNM

Budget Snapshot by KPMG


That’s it from us at FINPosts. We hope that this short and concise coverage is enough for you to make better decisions on your budget planning for 2019. Before you go off and read other articles from us, leave us a comment or let us know your thoughts at the comment box below. We are always happy to hear from you.


All infographic credit to imoney, thank you for making this information public.