As we have discussed on the cost of moving into a totally new home in the previous article, many of you asked what are the costing like if you are only shifting into a rented property? Or what if you already have most of the necessary furniture and you only need to shift them over? Hence, in this article, we will discuss more on the costing of shifting home, assuming it is not your first time already. For those who are shifting into your first or a totally new home, you can click here to read more.

Everyone may incur different costing as it varies from many factors. Therefore, in this article, the costing are calculated based on one of our FINPosts personnel’s experience after shifting home several times. You may use this as reference, but do bear in mind, it may be different than what you will incur.


Rented Home

As you are renting someone else’s home, ensure that the condition and renovation done is at a satisfactory level. You do not want to incur any cost on renovation as the home does not belong to you anyway. The only cost you want to incur is to move all your furniture and belongings from your current home. If you need to get any furniture or home appliances removed, do incur that into your budget. Otherwise, all you need is to choose from the below alternatives to move.

  1. Professional movers where they will pack everything and unpack everything for you. However, this will be more pricey as they are doing all the hard work for you. Price ranges from RM3,000 – RM5,000, depending on the size of the house, distance and the amount of large items you have such as TV, refrigerator and beds.
  2. Another cheaper alternative would be to go for lorry-for-hires. Do remember to ask them to bring a few manpower to help you move, otherwise they will only provide a lorry driver for you. The price ranges from RM600 – RM900 for a lorry driver with 2 extra manpower, depending on the distance. If you choose this alternative, you will need to do all the packing and unpacking yourself. For packing, you will need to buy industrial cling wraps and carton boxes. It will cost you below RM300 for 12 huge rolls of industrial cling wrap and 30 carton boxes. Therefore, you will only spend about RM1,200 max in total.

Own Home

Now, if you’re shifting into a home you purchased, it is definitely worth spending some money on renovation. If it is not a new property, you may also incur some costing on minor repairs. It is highly advisable to ensure the place is in good condition and all repairs are done prior to moving in. Otherwise, you will incur much more costing if it is only done later on.

Not unless if the home is already nicely renovated and kept in tip-top condition when you bought the place, you then can save a lot of money 🙂 Similarly, if there is no furniture or home appliances that need to be replaced, you will only need to incur cost to move all your furniture and belongings from your current home.

However, if it is a bare unit and you are planning to stay there for a long time, most Malaysians will surely spend on certain necessary renovation. Assuming you are just going for minimum renovation, below is the costing which you may incur.


As I mentioned earlier, everyone will incur different costing as it varies from many factors. Try to lower your expectations and you will seek joy and excitement in having to move into a new home! Some planning and budgeting is all it takes. Do subscribe to our site for more weekly money tips and occasional free gifts!

For those who are shifting into a totally new home or if you need costing on furniture and home appliances, you can click here to read more.


Disclaimer: This article is solely based on personal experiences from FINPosts personnels. You may or may not use this as a reference.