It is TIME that made our life unwavering and uniform, where we get to work on time, set a lunch appointment, pick the kids up from school or make sure dinner is not overcooked. How does time even exist? The ancient people began reading time from the sun and stars, and we have now evolved to clocks, pocket watches and wrist watches.

From different designs to different brands of watches, not only are we able to tell the time conveniently but watches also represent a person’s wealth status. Watches now also show other information such as year, month, date, moon phase and can also be used as a stop watch. What was once mechanical has now evolved into fully digital too.


clock tower

Clock tower became a convenient way for people to tell time centuries ago.



Watches today are segmented into 3 segments:

  • Mid to Low range pricing – starts from as low as RM 300 – RM 5,000
  • Mid to High range pricing- starts from RM 5,000 and above
  • Ultra High range – Starts from RM 100,000 and above

If you’re thinking the lowest segment is probably the worst, think again. Each segment has its own playing field when investing into watches. Different segments simple means different point of entry, kinda like share market, there’s the pricey blue chip shares and the affordable emerging shares.


Invest in a Watch

After interviewing countless watch lovers and investors, I found out that there are a few reasons that are evidently unavoidable to the question “Should I invest in a watch?”

  • A watch is a part of you, it tells people of who you are. It represents you!
  • A watch is like a luxury car, when you got it, you got it!
  • A watch is like a property, the price of it will always appreciate.

I must say that I totally agree with the reasons above, especially the 3rd reason. The retail price of watches increases every year if not every 2 years with a minimal of 3% up to 10%. In other words, the watch you own is actually higher in value after a few year unless it is discontinued. However, discontinuation might not be a bad thing if the watch is a limited edition.


Here are the 2 strategies that investors use when it comes to investing in a watch : “Buy Low & Sell High” or “Buy, Keep and Sell Later”.

Buy Low & Sell High

If you’re going with this strategy, you have to make sure that you really know your stuff about watches. As you are playing in the 2nd hand market, you need to know how to determine the authenticity and condition of the watch. If you don’t have prior knowledge, you can always go to a trusted 2nd hand watch re-sellers. If you need some recommendation, drop us a comment and we will send a list to you via email or you can join this group on Facebook “Watch Market Malaysia”.

Buy, Keep and Sell Later

This strategy usually applies to buying brand new watches. Just awhile back I mentioned that retail price of watches increases every year if not every 2 years, use this price increase to determine the selling price of your watch. The longer you keep, the higher it appreciates. This strategy applies to buying special editions or limited editions too because these type of watches are in limited units and usually very well in demand even after being sold out.


wrist watch

Some said that a wrist watch is an extension of you. It exudes your personality and character.


Below are the favourite brands recommended by watch lovers and investors for each segments. These are solely based on their personal opinion and is not sponsored and paid in any form of payment or gratuity by the brands mentioned.


Mid to Low Range


Mid to High Range


Ultra High Range


A wise man once said, its never too late to start. We hope that this article can help you invest in a watch the right way. Diversify your investment portfolio and you’ll see that your investment grow better than ever. That’s all I have for today and until next time. Do remember to subscribe to our site for more weekly money tips and occasional free gifts!

“There is NO SINGLE BEST investment. Your investment should always be a portfolio” as quoted in 3 HEALTHY ‘MAKAN’ HABITS TO HELP WITH YOUR INVESTMENTS.